Chemical Identifier Resolver issues with Knime 3.3


I'm experiencing issues with the Chemical Identifier Resolver (CIR). First of all I cannot find it in the Community Contributions repositories, with the newly installed Knime 3.3.0.

Secondly when clicking on the /Cheminformatics/Chemical Identifier Resolver link( link on the Community web site, a login Window pops up (see attached).

Please advice!


It doesn't appear to be in the 3.3 update site, it looks like you can install in from the 3.2 update site (at least that's what someone my end did).

I assume the build from KNIME 3.3 is failing as it does appear to run. I've checked out the code from the community svn and it compiles and I can execute the node. 

I don't get requested for a password though, maybe they were having trouble with their website?

Do you get the login request when you click the broken image? This seems to be bad configuration of Kode's web server.

The testcases for the CIR node are currently failing which means the node is not working any more as expected (this is also true for the 3.2 version). The developers doesn't have time until beginning of next year to look into it. Meanwhile the node will not be part of the update site because it doesn't make sense to distribute something that is broken.

OK, no problem, we'll just need to have some patience then.

Happy holidays!


Any news on the node? I still can't find it. in the current version.