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I have got the problem that the chemical sketcher does not allow to edit a structure. If you press "edit" the structure is shown in the editor but the changes of the structure does not affect the structure on the left (see picture). Instead (if you ticked the button, "add current structure on exit") it is obviously attached at the end.

In my mind you are not able to edit a drawn structure at all using this node. It would make the node the most powerful tool if you were allowed to edit the structure.

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You can use the + and - buttons on the top right to add or remove a drawn structure to or from the right panel. So you could change and existing structure, add it to the right panel with the + button, then select the original structure in the right panel, and remove it with the - button. This will only retain the changed structure.

Otherwise if you find this too cumbersome (to which I agree) you could just use the Marvin Sketch node form the free CemAxon/InfoChem nodes?


Hi Evert

thanks for the reply. The use of the Marvin Sketch Node is useful but not for multiple structure data file. I would still like to emphasize that this Erlwood chemical sketcher node is the answer to the fundamental problem of linking electonically your scientific data to your synthesized compounds in an easy and flexible way and convert it to a tabular format .(if you are able to edit the drawn structure in a proper way.)


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Edgar Specker

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