Dear all,

I want to build QSAR and visualise it with CheS-Mapper node on Knime. ​I am getting an error "Execute failed: weka/core/Version " and "Could not initialize class main.Settings".When I am trying to configure CheS-Mapper  with CheS-Mapper wizzard, corrosponding window is not getting open.  I am unable to understand it . Can you please help me to solve the issue.

I think you may need to use an old version of KNIME

Hello , 

Thank you very much.Can you specify which version as I KNIME 3.3.0 , but still its showing same error "Execute failed: weka/core/Version ".


I would assume the version before Weka was upgraded to 3.7. I don't remember which this was though sorry. 

Just to bring this into the new forum, this question was asked late last year in the old forum, and user Daria Goldman stated that the devs had been contacted for a solution - see here

Is there any update on this ?


I am new this software and working on Qsar modelling and trying CheS-Mapper. I got this error “Execute failed: Could not initialize class main.Settings” and in the configure tab “CheS-mapper can be configured with the View: Start CheS-mapper Wizard” .

Can anyone help me please?