I'm using the community extension Ches Mapper with the last version of Knime 2.9.4 x64bit.

I've a problem using the Wizard: when I start it for the first time it works without any problem. When it comes to do another simulations, I set the parameter into the wizard, starts it, but i cannot obtain my result! The program stopped when it comes to load the 3D library, after it mapped the compounds, and I need to quit the software.

If it's not clear I'll attached you a screen.

How can I solve it? Any suggestion? I try to search on the web, but nobody seem to have the same problem. I've also increase the amount of the Java heap memory.



again, I am sorry that I did not found this post in time. Have to email notifications for this forum.

However, Michele has contacted me directly a few months ago, and this issue has been solved quickly.