Choose The Football Game You Want To Bet On Wisely

#Sportanalytics and #betting are tough games. Building on top of his previous experiments in forecasting, @HansS proposes #three #strategies to wisely choose the soccer game to bet on and #enhance the #chances of #success using #KNIME. Enjoy the data story!

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Hi @roberto_cadili ,

Thank you for publishing my latest story in the Low-Code for Data Science Journal. I not only enjoyed it but also found it educational to translate my narrative from a KNIME workflow into a story. Writing the story also helps me be critical of the choices I made in my analyses. I would recommend everyone to write a story about a use case you are working on. If you’re stuck, reach out to @roberto_cadili. He always provides valuable feedback and helps you move forward.

Gr. Hans


Thanks, @HansS. My pleaseure! :slight_smile:

And most importantly thank you for sharing your work! :clap:

Happy KNIMEing,

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