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Hello, i have a question about the Choroplet Map node in KNIME. I have used this to view some data from different provinces in Norway - but it doesnt want to show me one of the provinces. Im guessing it might have been a syntax error and i wrote the province in many different ways: because the data only shows if the name is written correctly. I wanted to look into the documentation or maybe the code of the node to see how the province is defined there - because im writing it correctly in my table it just isnt showing. The province in question is “Aust-Agder” and i can’t hover over it to see what they want it to be called. Please help, i only need this one province

From Wikipedia:
Aust-Agder (Norwegian: [ˈæ̂ʉstˌɑɡdər] , English: “East Agder”) was a county (fylke ) in Norway until 1 January 2020, when it was merged with Vest-Agder to form Agder county. In 2002, there were 102,945 inhabitants, which was 2.2% of Norway’s population. Its area was 9,212 square kilometres (3,557 sq mi). The county’s administrative center was the town of Arendal.

Could this be the problem?

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Hello, i know that they are merged, the choropleth map shows the provinces as they were in 2019, because on the map you can see Vest-agder and Aust-agder being split and not merged. I have provided pictures so you can see they i have written Aust-agder, but it seems that the choropleth map doesnt react to me writing Aust-Agder. All the other provinces in the table have the correct name and they get recognized by choropleth map, but not aust-agder?

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