Choropleth on World Map using Google Charts and JQuery library

Drawing choropleth of world country vs. population number and vs. log(population number) via Javascript script. In Generic Javascript View node we involke Google Geo Chart chart.draw function. Generic Javascript View node is wrapped in a metanode for choropleth on KNIME WebPortal. 2 Choropleths side by side in wrapped metanode named "Side by side 2 Choropleths" Warning. Since Google Charts is loaded lazily, an internet connection is required when opening the view

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Hi, I just downloaded this workflow. It runs without any error messages but all the views are empty. Do you have any idea what can be the problem? I have a good network connection.

Hi @Agi and welcome to the forum. It looks like you may have already found this answer yourself, but for the benefit of others searching later, let me add a link to the solution here:

Hi Scott! Thanks a lot for posting the link to the solution, I can confirm that the node works seamlessly with this fix.