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I am trying to use a data filter widget in KNIME v4.0. What happens is that the widget creates a tab in the taskbar and even a snapshot of the page is visible, but yet the actual window does not open. In the screenshot below you can see a working Chromium window on the left and the ‘ghost’ widget tab on the right.


Any suggestions how to fix the issue?

Hi @pzkor!

That is new to me. Does the problem persist when you use other widgets or does the problem just happen with this Widget? Are you working with a single screen or with two?


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Hi Ana,

It is with any JavaScript content if I have Chromium set as the default. I am using three screens: the laptop’s own and two desktop screens.

It works if I change the default browser to be IE in KNIME preferences, but I am aware that this is not recommended by KNIME, and I am now encountering new issues which could be due to IE.


I just realized that if I right-click the thumbnail of the window and maximize it, it does appear and fills the laptop’s own screen. When IE is used for JavaScript views there is no issue.

Hi @pzkor

Thank you for your reply. Just to try to understand the source of the problem better: does the problem persist when you use only one screen (i.e., the laptop screen)? Did you by any chance had the same problem when using 3.7?


Hi Ana,

I just disconnected the desktop screens and it worked! More strangely, now it works even with the screens connected! So problem solved it seems, somehow.

I did not use the functionality until the v4.0.

Well, It seems to have been something in the multiple screens configuration. Good thing that the problem is solved at least. :slight_smile:

Let me know if it happens again.



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