Chunk a Huge Image using Vector GRID and maintain Neighborhood information


I have a bounding box image from the google satellite, I need to grid the entire image and split them into chunks and also maintain the information of the adjacent grids cells
Presently we are doing this in QGIS, using “Vector Grid” option where you give the extend of the Shapefile image, the spacing for the each grid box and the output file format. It cut the image into grid chunks and numbers them.
Attached is an image for reference.

I’m guessing there is an easier way to do this in KNIME since it has lot of image processing nodes.
Any help is appreciated.

Thanks !

Mohammed Ayub

Hi @mohammedayub,
I am quite confident you can do that with the KNIME Image Processing nodes, I am not sure what your processing goal is so if you can answer me the following questions I can give you more concrete answer:
Do you just need the image chunks written to disk with a special naming scheme that conveys the order information? Or do you plan on doing further processing on them and need to maintain the position info of each chunk? Is your ultimate goal the reassembly of the input image?


Thanks Gabriel. The ultimate goal of this is to get Image features from Neural Network (we got this part figured out), append to each image chunk other features from proprietary data sets and open data sources for our modeling purposes.

Below are some things I plan to do with images, feel free to answer if possible or not.

  1. Write the image chunk to disk with chunk ID’s (or any scheme available), we also want to reassemble them later for displaying, so they maintain reference to original image.

  2. Yes, we plan to do further processing on each chunk, specifically I want to maintain the neighboring chunk information,
    Case 1: visualize a vector grid of image chunks, say if the image chunk cell is in the middle cell, I want all the other 7 cells bordering (neighboring) it.
    Case 2: If the image chunk cell is in corner(top left, bottom right etc), I want the bordering 3 cells bordering(neighboring) it.

It’s like running a 3X3 window function on each grid chunk and then get list of neighboring cells.

-Mohammed Ayub

Did you try the Tiling Loop Startand Tiling Loop End?

I started to play with that and Splitter Node but did not get to results I want. Not sure how to maintain ordering and neighbour grid information.

Mohammed Ayub

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