CIR node - what is the latest version of KNIME in which the CIR node works

Dear Andrea

Which is the latest KNIME version in which works the CIR node?


Hi Alex,

I found the CIR nodes in version 3.2. I didn't test 3.3, and they aren't currently in the 3.4 trusted community site. Since they are a community extension it's best to contact the developer directly (which from the salutation in your post, I guess you're aiming for).



Thanks, but the version in 3.2 does not work either. I contacted Marc Nicklaus, the head of the group. He promised to do someting, albeit it is not high priority.





The CIR node uses this NIH service to do the conversions:

For example, to convert aspirin to the corresponding CAS number(s), you just need


It seems to me that this it should be possible to do this in KNIME with existing nodes (REST?), but I don't know how exactly.


Any suggestions?