Citing KNIME

I was hopping that someone could tell me what was the prefered way of citing KNIME in a publication. Does KNIME (University of Konstanz, Zurich, Switzerland) work, or should I cite an actual paper?


Hi, thank you very much for citing KNIME. We created a FAQ entry for your question. Best, Fabian

Hi all,


in addition to the 2007 paper listed in that FAQ entry, I also found:

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Which one should be cited? Are there other papers I'm not aware of? Would you mind updating the FAQ entry?


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Hi everyone,

is there a way to cite specific workflows? In my case the “Model Optimization and Selection” Workflow. Or just the common citization explained above?


Hi there @Gsiberger,

Don’t think so. Would suggest to check license and use short link when linking.

Additionally for this specific workflow you can add blog post link about: