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Good evening, I would like to ask for help with regular expression nodes. I have a list of misspelled addresses in Spanish.
I used to have a flow where I could search and replace certain terms of a string of characters that were misspelled but I was only left with a picture of my example.

I used this one for sentences containing CL with spaces, word, space, word, word and numbers.

I am currently working with something similar, but to correct words that contain or begin with Avenue and replace them with avenue like Av. 49506 as Avenue 49506 , Av 49506 as Avenue 49506, Ave. as Aveninue 49506, Aven as Avenue 49506, among others.
I have errors with the expressions and I don’t know how I can correct it.

Hi @DanielaQ

What is the error that you get? At face value it looks ok but if you could share a small sample workflow that contains the regex and shows the error then people can help you more effectively :wink:

Could it be Missing Value related? If so, you can clean it up prior via the Missing Value node.

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The first image is the flow I lost over the years and it worked great for this theme.
Now I am trying to replicate that but with the available nodes using regex. The last image is what I currently have and it doesn’t find any pattern to be able to find those abbreviations. It says nothing matches. I don’t know if I should use another node or the expression is wrong.

The pattern that you have looks for variations of avenue, then a space and then a string constructed of A-Za-z. You have avenue and then numbers (49506) so it’s correct that no matches are found. If you use such a expression, the whole string is replaced but I assume you want to keep the 49506.

If you use regexReplace($column1$,“(AVENUE|AVEN\.|AVEN|AVE\.|AVE|AV\.|AV)”,“AVENUE” ) , it should give you some result.


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