Clearing the Java heap space to improve performance

Where's the code that creates the status bar and "Show heap status" bar in the bottom border?

I'd like to understand it to add more controls.

That's nothing KNIME-specific, but belongs to the underlying Eclipse platform. The “Trash” button probably does nothing else than call a System.gc();

Clearing the Java heap space to improve performance

With all due respect, but I have great doubts that you'll achieve any performance gains by manually triggering a GC (probably more the opposite). The heap display is for debugging purposes. Trust the engineers: If your JVM needs memory, it'll take it. When there's memory to release, the GC will do it when necessary. If you run out of memory, you'll do so eventually anyways -- no matter if you “tidy” manually or not.

Thank you very much for the timely and concentrated response.

If I could trouble you with one more thought: how would you improve speed? Due to the volume of data being processed I would elect to use a distributed computing approach, but my superiors have selected KNIME.

Good evening,

I'm probably not a great expert concerning big data and distribution.

But maybe starting from the very basics: Do you already have a clear understanding where your bottlenecks are? Is it actually memory-related, or is it processing power, IO, ...?

KNIME and distributed approaches don't have to exclude themselves -- see e.g. here: