ClearVolume not showing an image

Dear all,
I try to use ClearVolume in Knime (v3.7.1 installed a few days ago). I load a 3D stack with the imageReader and can see the image in the normal viewer and the BigDataViewer. In the ClearVolume tab no image and controls are shown.
I tried ClearVolume in ImageJ and it worked with the same image (NVidia Quadro K4200).
Do I need to install additional CUDA drivers?

I would be interested to know if other users can visualize images in Knime and ClearVolume.

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Hi @apoliti,

I can confirm that the ClearVolume panel remains empty for a simple example and have created an issue to track the progress:


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I have the same problem, clear view does not display anything. I have a mac distribution.

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