Clickable links within a component (to be viewed via KNIME WebPortal)

Hi, I’m having trouble creating clickable links (e.g. to a website) which can be viewed by end users via the KNIME WebPortal.

The links look fine and are clickable when viewed on the KNIME Analytics Platform via the interactive view for the node (e.g. using a Text Output Widget node containing the URL) , but oce I encompass the node within a component, the component’s interactive view (when viewed either via KNIME AP or via the WebPortal) no longer displays the link correctly and it is no longer ‘clickable’. Can anyone please suggest a solution…?

Thanks in advance for any help!

Hey @michazeidan,

could you give us some more details in regards to the KNIME version you are using?
Would it be possible to add a simple workflow to showcase your issue?


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Hi Daniel,
Thanks for the quick response!
We’re using KNIME AP version 4.7.8.

I’m attaching a simple example workflow. When viewing the node via interactive view the link works, not so when viewing the component with interactive view (or when viewing the component as a page on the WebPortal).

Thanks again for any help!

WebLinks within a component.knwf (10.0 KB)

Hey Mike,

is it possible that you have turned on JavaScript sanitisation (set “-Djs.core.sanitize.clientHTML=true” in the knime.ini?)
With this turned on it would by default filter out everything that might be dangerous and links are by default treated as such. If this is really the cause and you want to enable links you could add an exception for these HTML elements with this property.

Let me know if this helps.