Clicking/tapping really fast on a node can cause an issue (New)

Hi @armingrudd , I just had a recurrence of similar behaviour on KNIME AP 5.2.5. I haven’t seen it going “feaky” since the NXT-2123 fix appeared in 5.2.1, but today my workflow suddenly went mad, as you can see in this gif.

All of the movement of the nodes in that give is occurring by simply single-clicking the node.

I don’t know if the root cause was the same, or if something else has happened to break it in this version, but I’ve certainly not seen it in 5.2.1 - 5.2.4.

I saved and re-opened my workflow, and it was like a bad hair day! lol

If I can reproduce the steps again, I’ll provide further details.

Hi @takbb,

Do you know how to reproduce the issue? Did it happen only once?

Hi @armingrudd, I haven’t managed to reproduce it in spite of trying, so I don’t think the trigger was the same as previously. Yes it has happened so far only the once. If it happens again, and I can work out what triggered it, I’ll be sure to post back. thanks.