Cloning vs Rebuilding KNIME Server

Hi KNIME team,
We would like to clone our knime-dev server then make config changes and then request a new license from KNIME support to create our upgrade environment. We are avoiding the rebuilding process because it will require us to perform fresh installation of the knime server and executor and installed other related software. My only concern with the cloning process is related to the secret key used within ‘knime.xml’ file. Is this key related to Licensing? Can anyone advise here if cloning will be the best option or We need to go through The Rebuilding process.


The secret key in knime.xml is used for encrypting sensitive data such as passwords when creating (scheduled) jobs. It’s not relevant for the server license. If you want to take over existing jobs and scheduled jobs to your copy, then you should keep the secret key. Otherwise you should use a new one (but you don’t have to).


Hi Thor,
Thank you for responding

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