Clustering and Parallel Coordinates

I'd like to visualize clusters generated by k-Means node using  Parallel Coordinates node. But rather than showing every record in my dataset I'd like to only show mean values for every cluster. I've played a bit with Statistics node, but couldn't figure a way how to do this. Is there a node to do what I want? Or maybe there's a better way to visualize results of clustering?

Can you use the groupby node to group on the cluster number and choose to aggregate on your columns of interest choosing mean as the aggregation type. This will give you your averages per cluster.

for viewing clusters, the hierarchical cluster viewer is quite handy too. But you need to use the distance matrix nodes To generate your cluster to take advantage of this. You have the k medoids node here too for generating clusters.

hope it's helpful,




Thank you, Simon. It was very useful!