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Hi to everybody,

I am new in Knime, therefore, I need your valuable support :slight_smile:
I am clustering a time series and now I want to visualize my results. I was thinking about it this way where you have a multiple line plot of different profiles identified from the cluster. How can I implement this in Knime? Is there any combination of nodes that I can do it?

2021-04-23 13_40_11-TSrepr use case - Clustering time series representations in R – Peter Laurinec –

Hi Matthew, I don’t have much knowledge about time-series clustering, but I guess you can check the clustering algorithms that are available, such as the Knime natives ones:


or the Weka clustering nodes


Assuming that the above clustering algorithms are suitable, then you can employ the Line Plot node to compare the results.

Hope it helps

Time_Series_Clustering.knwf (90.0 KB)



Hi @Matthew313, complementing @mauuuuu5’s answer, you can assign a color to your prototype using an idea that was suggested on this thread how to apply colors to different columns by @AlexanderFillbrunn

Color Column.knwf (802.7 KB)


@mauuuuu5 thank you for your response, yes I am using DBSCAN in my case and I am trying to figure it out as time series is a little bit complex as you have the time component that should be always in the visualization even though you are not clustering it (as a variable).

Thank you @iperez for your response, it seems very helpful :slight_smile:
I will try it out immediately

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