Hello All,
Can someone help me how to deal with the ClusterMassTracesByPrecursor node?
In the TOPP documentation it says "Identifies precursor mass traces and attempts to correlate them with fragment ion mass traces in SWATH maps.

This algorithm attempts to correlate the mass traces to find co-eluting traces and cluster them.

This program looks at mass tracks in an MS1 map for precursors and tries to correlate them with features found in the corresponding MS2 map based on their elution profile. It uses the mass tracks from the MS1 map in consensusXML format [note: this is an unintended use of the consesusXML format to also store intensities] the mass traces from the MS2 (SWATH map)."

How do I get the MS1 and SWATH MAP?

I have the same problem with the ClusterMassTraces node… .

I am still new to KNIME, however I want to try to process my SWATH data with these nodes or make a spectrum matching with my pseudo Spectra.

Can someone please help me?

Many greetings

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