Cocktails graph with Neo4j by Redfielld

In this article, we’d like to give you an overview of the nodes that make up our Neo4j extension for KNIME Analytics Platform that enable you to access Neo4j databases and analyze the data in KNIME. Here, we demonstrate how the extension can be used for ETL, analysis, and visualization in KNIME.

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Hi there, I’m really interested in standing up Neo4j and running your example Knime workflow. When I attempt to use the Neo4j connection node it gives an error that the client is unauthorised. I installed Neo4j desktop - could you please give me some points as to whereas to start? Thanks

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Hello @morebento

I think I have an idea what is going on there. By default Neo4j demands the authorization, and if it is a fresh installation you can try to use default credentials: neo4j/neo4j for user name and password. Usually once you first log in to the database from the browser, it will ask you to change the password, in that case you have to use neo4j/newPassword. Another option is to turn off the authorization, in that case you need to set up the neo4j.conf file in your installation folder.

If it does not help, then could you please send the screenshot or stack trace with the error message?

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