CodecProvider Error (Access DB)

Hi dear Knimers,
I have more than 100 access db with extensions ( MDB,mdb,accbd) and I write a workflow to convert these access DB to Excel file. Everything works fine until for some reason my " Microsoft Access Connector " node cannot read some databases because it seems they are old! and I get this error: "Execute failed: UCAExc:::5.0.1 Decoding not supported. Please choose a CodecProvider which supports reading the current database encoding. "
any thoughts?
Many thanks in advance

@psfard can you provide us with a sample of the file that would not load and can you tell us what kind of extension it has. From my perspective the built in driver should be able to load them all. But you might try other ones.

You could try and use another driver:

Next thing you could try is to use Libre Office and see if this can open your database

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