Collecting Data

Hello Gurus, I never used Knime and I have no experience with Knime or Data collection. BUT now I need some way to collect data on selected Politicians/Public Officials and what they said and mentioned before the Covid Scandemic (2018) to the present time.
Can any of you gurus please let me know of how to set up a perpetual knime work flow and how collect/organise it into a data base.
Anything, that is said/reported in print, anything that is spoken/reported in any youtube/similar movie, that would be wonderful.
Thanks in anticipation,

Hi @Cranky_Franky you may first identify the sources of information for instance you can check this website CIA World Leaders and then find a way to web scrap the information using Knime for instance like this example web scraping - #3 by Learn2019

Hope it helps


Thank you, that helps an awful lot. I’ll check it out now. Probably will ask a lot more questions, but I promise that I will try to find answers myself.
Thanks again, mauuuuu5

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