Color Conditional Formatting - Send Email NODE

I need to send an email, and in its body I need to report a value (sourcing from a flow variable).

It is required to have different color formating conditionaly to the variable values.

(I am reporting profit, for positive profit (green), negative (red)

In case I have to use HTML, can someone provide me an example?


Hi @GMClaudioRJr

I don’t have an example ready right now, but this is possible with HTML:
Check the profit value and create a flow variable (e.g. profit-color) that is “red” if profit < 0 and “green” otherwise. The html code could then look like so:

<p style=“color:$${Sprofit-color}$$”;>The profit was $${Dprofit-value}$$</p>

Kind regards


Thank you Marvin.!!!

This worked just fine for me!

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Hey @GMClaudioRJr

Glad it worked! :slight_smile:
I was meaning to create a quick example by this evening, but you obviously beat me to it :smiley:
If anything else comes up, always feel free to ask here.

Kind regards

ps. if you happen to have a small example ready, you can share it here or on the hub for anyone else with a similar question. :slight_smile:


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