Color Manager and Hierarchical Cluster Assigner


I am having an issue with assigning colors to the leaves in the dendrogram I have created with the Hierarchical Cluster Assigner node. The node is connected to a Color Manager node and it looks like the output table of Color Manager is colored correctly but the colors are not passed to the cluster assigner.
I saw on NodePit ( that the node is supposed to have a “Use table colors” option but I cannot find it in my node.
Any idea of how I can fix this? I remember being able to do this in a past version of KNIME without problems.



Can you provide a workflow (knime file, .knar file)? Also provide fake or real data (or use a Table Creator node) as well so we can better assist you. Thanks

Hi Victor,

thank you for your reply, I am attaching the workflow and some test data.
All the best,


FP Clustering.knwf (25.0 KB)
test_data.txt (5.9 KB)

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I have reproduced this problem and reported it internally.

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