"Color Manager" Node can still see unfiltered data coming from "Row Filter" Node

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This is my first week trying out Knime and this is my first question on the forum. Attached is ‘Qn001.knar’. Qn001.knar (32.2 KB).

In it, it uses “Row Filter” Node and “Color Manager” Node.
“Row Filter” Node filters off a country called “unknown”.

However in the configuration dialog of “Color Manager” Node, “unknown” country is still visible.
I don’t get it why can “Color Manager” Node still pick up “unknown” country after “Row Filter” Node has filtered it off?

Interestingly, while “unknown” country is visible to “Color Manager” Node (which has no filtering feature), it doesn’t show up in “Pie/Donut Chart” Node.

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Hello @23032569,

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Take a look here:



Hi @ipazin,

Thank you for pointing out to “Heatmap not autoscaling properly? - #2 by ipazin”. Now there’s this whole new concept of Domain I need to pick up. I note the solution provided is to place the “Domain Calculator” Node in between the “Row Filter” Node and the “Color Manager” Node.

Do you know any documentation specifying/listing out what other Nodes (besides “Row Filter” Node) we need to link up with “Domain Calculator” Node?

Thank you.

Hello @23032569,

don’t think there is such documentation. And probably not necessary. Mainly, problem is when using node which does not update domain before execution (like Color Manager node) preceded by row filtering/splitting. Visualization nodes also used to suffer from this but to my knowledge they don’t have this problem now. Calculation nodes don’t have problem with it either.

For a bit more around this topic check this thread:

Anyways don’t have to worry too much about this. Just keep it in mind :wink:



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