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I am trying to construct a scatter plot, where each point is colored according to the HEX codes indicated in the table.

I am using this code to build the colored scatterplot.

However, the colors that appear to me are not correct, because the color does not correspond to the indicated HEX code. I show 3 illustrative examples.

Can you help me correct this situation?

Hi there,

I am having issues installing your R packages to run your code in my KAP.

Side note: if you are trying to make a component for anyone to execute on their KNIME AP with your R packages you could use the Conda Environment Propagation node! I wrote here a short guide on a twitter thread!

Regarding your colorI had a look at this doc:

It looks to me that you are using the wrong attrbute: it should be colors = CODEHEX not color = CODEHEX! Plural! Let me know if it works.

For future readers I do recommend using the plotly node where no R knowledge is required. The color manager should work but you cannot add a custom list of HEX codes easily like @CatarinaCosta is trying to do.

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Thanks for your time!

Unfortunately, by making the suggested change, the problem is not solved, continuing to project different colors than the corresponding HEX codes.

Sorry to hear.

Thing is that at KNIME we do not maintain such plot_ly function.
Did you consider asking this in the the R + Plotly community?

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