Coloring cells with the Conditional Formatter

Hey everybody

I tried to color specific intervals in a column with the conditional formatter.

Unfortunately the formatter is not recognizing my defined intervals, as seen in the picture adapted. It is mixing the colors in some cells and I dont understand why he is doing this.

Thanks for the help.

Hi @Schimmel004

I think the colors are being gradually colorized according to what you set. So you can see, for instance, that 45 is a midway between the white and the yellow - basically because it is almost in between 0 and 95.

What could work on your case would be to use the rule engine to create your tags (for instance, between 0 and 95 => “white”, between 95 and 100 => “yellow” and above 100=> “red”) and use the background colorizer to colorize each tag.


Hello Ana
Thanks for your quick response.
Could you give me an example of one rule which you would create in the rule engine? That would be great. Thank you very much

Hi Schimmel!

Here is a quick example. As always, there are many paths that led to Rome in KNIME. This is just one example how you could achieve it.



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