Colors' Manager color propagation to subsequent nodes

Dear Forum,

how can I preserve a color model – defined by KNIMEs beautiful color manager – for usage in subsequent nodes? My actual color manager highlights some outliers. The output ‘table with colors’ looks fine. Some few nodes – like Scatter matrix, Interactive table – apply  the color model accurately. But others – like Column Filter, Boxplot, Histogram, Pie chart – overwrite  the model. That's quite unfreindly. What is going wrong??

I’m new to KNIME and very happy for any hints!

Thanks in advance and regards from Cologne,


Hi Martin,

in KNIME the color is always set to a specific column. The one to which you apply the color generation. If you remove this column, e.g. via a Column Filter, the information is also lost.

You can reapply an exisiting color model to a table(Color Appender), but it does need the column to spread the colours on.

Cheers, Iris

Hi Iris,


oh thanks, that's a good idea!

Cheers, Martin