Colors not applying to bar char plot


I use color manager to put colors in a table. The output is fine, als the table has colors as I want.

The problem is that when I create the bar chart, there are no colors. I try to configure it, connect the data in different ways… no way…

What am I doing wrong?

Hello @jquadrada,

you can check this workflow example on how to color your Bar Chart (and more!):

Couple of notes/suggestions:

  • before opening a topic you can do a quick search of KNIME Forum (search button is in the right upper corner) for existing topics while on KNIME Hub you can search for workflow examples
  • you are opening topics in KNIME Development category which is for (new) node/function development within KNIME. Not a big issue but would be better to choose proper one (for general questions around KNIME and workflow development KNIME Analytics Platform category is the one)
  • although wouldn’t help in this case KNIME Docs are also great resource :wink:



Yep… Sorry, I’m new to the forum. It helps me much!


Glad it helps and no issues @jquadrada :wink:

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