Colour selection for sunburst chart (2 dimensions)


I have a problem setting the colours for a sunburst chart with two dimensions. Let me show you what I mean with this workflow.

Colouring sunburst

Objective: creating a sunburst where colours of both attributes available are selected.

  • Option 1: no colour settings, they are selected automatically
  • Option 2: you use a colour manager node but only for one attribute; in the sunburst, the second attribute will be totally black
  • Option 3: you use two colour manager nodes, but still only one attribute will be coloured and the other one is black
  • Option 4: you create a column concatenating the two attributes and you apply a colour manager. In this case you don’t have a sunburst chart anymore

I want something like in option 1 but where I can decide the colour of each continent and the colour for column “same-sex marriage” as well.

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Hi, I also tried this and couldn’t get a solution. I’m asking internally if we support this. Thanks!

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Thank you Victor!
Keep me updated.

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your Option 4 is almost it. Just make sure that you connect the original data to the table port of the Sunburst Chart and use the concatenated table only for the coloring (see attached workflow).
colored_sunburst_chart.knwf (24.5 KB)

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Thank you nan! This is what I was looking for!

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