Column Appender: Inconsistent Table port Number


usually port numbers start with 0 which I suppose everyone with a certain level of coding background is familiar with. However, I noticed the Column Appender starts with 1 but also allows to insert 0.

I am uncertain if that changed because of the new UI (not the modern UI) that got introduced lately but having consistency in mind, wouldn’t you agree that, also because the setting can be managed via a flow variable of type Int, to keep this aligned by starting with 0?


Hi @mwiegand,

Thanks for your feedback! The issue that it’s possible to type 0 manually in the number input field is already addressed in 5.2.0.
About the flow variables, the “selected_rowid_table” option is deprecated and you will get a warning for that when used. The “selected_rowid_table_number” is the new flow variable settings.
So it’s now 1-based numbering. But thanks to you, I just found out that the input ports are using 0-based numbering which is confusing. Just created a ticket for this (AP-21489).