Column Combiner unexpected result

Then I use Column Combiner with columns values A and B the result is A B at the same time then I use A B C and D the result is “A B C” D. I expect A B C D without quotes. Is it possible?

Hi there!

It is possible.

From node description - Quote Character part:
The character entered here will be used to quote the cell content in case that it contains the delimiter string...

I guess your delimiter string is space and that is why you get quotes which are default in node as space is between A and B, and between B and C. You do not get quotes around D because it does not contain space and you do not have Quote Always checked.


Thank you, Ivan. It would be nice to have an option do not have quotes.


Actually there is. If you check option Replace Delimiter by. But in your case it won’t work as you have delimiter character in your cell content. Seems like you need to use some string manipulation after Column Combiner node to get format you want.


I’d like KNIME team look at the issue. Using additional node looks odd.