Column Combiner with Multiple Regular Expressions Criteria

I am trying to combine both columns month and year to make a new column Date so the cell looks like: Month Year
I have not had much luck with Regular Expressions and was looking for some help to combine both criteria.

Thanks!! :slight_smile:


If both columns are string, just use the string manipulation node to join as you wish…

formula: join($month$,“-”,$year$)
result: 10-2022

If you have 1 column and need to change it, use re regex into string manipulation node too…


It’ll modify the string getting the digits before and after the “-”, and make a change position for them.



Year is an integer in this case so you would need to add the string() function if you are going the String Manipulation route.

If you are looking for a more dynamic solution when columns could also contain the words month and year for example, then join() won’t always be sufficient and a Column Combiner with pattern (.*Month.*)|(.*Year.*) will do the trick.


amazing! it worked! Thank you very much :sunny:

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