Column Comparator

Hello i dont know if im using the comparator correctly or if is just a bug

here are the parameters
and here in the final line it is not really working saying its not the same?
is that something im doing wrong or is it like a bug, (maybe a coma or a period placed in a wrong way or something like that?)
thank you for your time

I would recommend to multiply all numbers by 100 and convert to Integer or Long to avoid direct comparison of D type for equation.

Hi @Bleck , this usually happens with decimal numbers, as they’re not always precise, especially when the values are rounded off to only 2 decimal places. You lose precision.

To see the real values, it’s better to multiply all of the numbers by 100 as per @izaychik63 's suggestion, or even by 1000 or even 10000 to see for example if 364,011.52 for example, is not actually 364,011.52013 for example.


You can also quickly check for equality yourself in the output table by selecting a different renderer. The default one only shows 2 digits after the comma.

  • Right-click on a column and select e.g. “Full Precision”

absolutely it was the full precision already fixed by rounding the numbers and now its working well
thank yall very much


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