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I have a problem configuring the CSV Reader node: I upload a file that is not delimited by some character and therefore it considers all the information in a single column. If I use Autodetect it gives me a “/” in the “column delimiter” field and it separates a little better, but it continues without separating all the columns.

I also tried using " " in the “column delimiter” field, but what happens is that it creates more than 800 columns (one for each space).

Could someone help me by advising me what I should change in the configuration or what other node to use to separate the columns?

Thanks for your help!

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You say you have a CSV file but your screenshot shows it’s just a TXT file. If you have a CSV file there must be a delimiter. What is the delimiter in your file? What do you see when you open it in a text editor such as Notepad?

My first thought is that the columns are tab separated, and if so, then you can use \t as the column delimiter. However, the autodetect function would’ve detected that.

If you do in fact just have a regular TXT file, then you’re going to have to get creative and do a series of splitting operations (by delimiter (this does not have to be one character, it can be multiple spaces if necessary), by position, using RegEx, etc) to separate out the individual columns.

For the future, it would be more helpful if you provided data that we here can download and play around with.


If you run out of other ideas you could try to read everything in one column and then do a split (e.g. regex) to get multiple column outputs

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