Column Expression and Missing Values

Hello all,

I’m having an issue with the column expressions node and the following logic:

if(column("Delivery TLD") == missingValue())
    else if(column("Subdomains") == missingValue() && column("First SubDirectory")==missingValue() && column("Second SubDirectory")==missingValue())
        {column("Delivery TLD")}
    else if(column("First SubDirectory") == missingValue() && column("Second SubDirectory") == missingValue() && column("Subdomains")!= missingValue())
        {join(column("Subdomains"),".",column("Delivery TLD"),"/")}
    else if(column("Second SubDirectory")==missingValue() && column("First SubDirectory")!=missingValue() && column("Subdomains") != missingValue())
        {join(column("Subdomains"),".",column("Delivery TLD"),"/",column("First SubDirectory"),"/")}
    else (column("Subdomains") != missingValue() && column("First SubDirectory") !=missingValue() &&column("Second SubDirectory")!=missingValue())
        {join(column("Subdomains"),column("Delivery TLD"),"/",column("First SubDirectory"),"/",column("Second SubDirectory"),"/")}

I’m not sure why but only the last else statement works, resulting in domains being or worse:

Any insights on how to properly work this logic to account for the missing values?

You need to use function IsMissing() not a missing value.


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