Column expression - Extract from right side

Hi, one little problem :slight_smile:

In column expression node, i would like to extract all text from the right side of string until first blank space!

Can someone help mi with that! Is it “right” or “substr” or some combination


Hello @rsamec,

Can you provide some sort of demo example and the expected output?


Hello @rsamec
You can test with the following code; you will get the remaining characters beyond the last occurrence of a space character:

regexReplace(stripEnd(column("text")), ".*\\s+(.*)", "$1")


Hello @rsamec,

If you are looking to get right side characters from last occurrence of a space character then there are multiple ways

  1. Using right()

  1. Using substr()

You will get output as follows

Regards, Yogesh


I used this code and it works :slight_smile: thank you


hey @rsamec, it is same as i did above.
If you can mark it as solution so that if anyone searches it in future, it will be visible.

Thanks and have a good day.

Yes yes i know…I used your solution :slight_smile: i will mark now

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