Column expression with wild card pattern match

Hi All,

I’m trying to classify Purchase orders into different buckets based on certain pattern available in Input column string. How do I use Wildcard expression in Column expression node so as to get desired output?

Eg: Based on pattern in “PO Number” column, Im looking to have output in “PO type” column. I just displayed 5 rows, as an example. Actual table involves 50K+ rows.


Thank you in advance for help

You could use an if condition with regex matcher function to test a pattern and return your matching PO Type for each pattern you test


Hi @Daniel_Weikert ,

Thanks. Sorry im not so good at regex . Are you able to let me know how i should use regex matcher in column expression?

In above example, any PO that starts with 9 and has 6 digits, should give me an output

Also any PO that starts with REL followed by 4 digits should give me another output.

Hi @rohinipe
it is certainly easier if you upload sample data but in general here are matching examples you could try




Awesome this was super helpful. Thank you @Daniel_Weikert

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