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I need your Help to solve following issue:


COMBINER Sum(Billed Quantity) AVERAGE CB ACCRUAL RATE AVG ACTUAL CB PAID Rate Variation in Value Rate Variation in percentage
10351-1143723 84 0 0 0 0


Case where Average CB Accrual Rate is “0” And Avg Actual CB paid is “0” then replace Rate variation in percentage to “-100”

I have wrote following code in column expression but it’s not providing expected output.

if (column(“AVERAGE CB ACCRUAL RATE”) == 0)
(column(“AVG ACTUAL CB PAID”) == 0)
(column(“Rate Variation in percentage”) == -100)
(column(“Rate Variation in percentage”))

PS: You can also guide me another node better than column expression.

Hi @ravi13,

Try this:

if (column(“AVERAGE CB ACCRUAL RATE”) == 0 && column(“AVG ACTUAL CB PAID”) == 0) -100
else column(“Rate Variation in percentage”)

Then check “Replace Column” and select “Rate Variation in percentage” as “Output Column”.



Thank you so much, It’s resolved as everytime.

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