J’ai toujours un problème de configuration que j’essais de résoudre avec COLUMN CONFIGURATION.
Je veux transformer une série de date ex 21.08.86 > 21.08.1986
Cela pourrait être ce code que je n’arrive pas à entrer
dateToString(dateParse($BIRTH DATE$, “yy.MM.dd”), “yy.MM.yyyy”)

Quelqu’un a une idée ??


est ce que le “dd” et le “yy” a confuse á ‘“yy.MM.dd”’. Encore le “yy” est duplicé en ‘“yy.MM.yyyy”’. Ce peut etre “dd.MM.yyyy”?

P.S. Pardon moi francais. Je apprende…

I don’t understand were is the problem …
athle.knwf (10.1 KB)
100 MEN ALL BEST TIME.xlsx (237.6 KB)
If you have an idea …

Aah, now I see! The code in the forum post was only an example. These functions do not exist in the Column Expression node.
If you only want to add the “19” into the string, the String Replacer node can do this. Have a look at the workflow below.
If you additionally want to continue to work with the data, I recommend to convert it to the Date data type using the String to Date&Time node.
athle.knwf (250.4 KB)

I hope this solves your task. However, I spotted some birth dates that likely are from the 21st century (e.g., 2002).


Absolutely perfect
Thanks a lot

i can not understand why it does not work with this data that is exactly the same except the number of rows ?
Do you have an idea
800 PERF 100M MEN.xlsx (60.2 KB)

looks like the second file contains commas “,” instead of periods “.” in the birth date column. You need to update the pattern in the String Replacer accordingly.
Pattern: (\d{2}),(\d{2}),(\d{2})
Replacement text: $1.$2.19$3

P.S. It helps a lot to add error messages to your forum post, if something does not work.

OK it’s perfect
Many thanks

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