Column Expressions if else behaviour

Hi all
I’m learning to use if else in Column Expressions and have noticed some behaviour that I don’t understand…

Here I use the format if() true, false and get the result 0.1336 on the first row

Here I use the format if() x else x and get the result 0.0

The correct result should be 0.1336 as the “Secteur” is not “MOULAGE”.
But most of the references to if else I see use the second format.

It seems that the problem is with my condition as I get the same results even when I put the ‘correct’ “Secteur”.

But if I use the second format (with else) I always get the false result and if I use the comma I always get the true result.

Or are these reversed somehow in the two statements??

Can anyone see where I’m going wrong?

Much appreciated.

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OK I’ve resolved the condition by using @izaychik63 suggestion

So now I can test the outcomes and yes if I use the else I have the correct result but if I use the comma I have a reversed result.

I don’t know now where I saw the statement using a comma - but I won’t be using it now!


Hi @zedleb,

glad you figured it out. I usually check this page when using Column Expressions :slight_smile:



Thanks @ipazin
I’m not at all familiar with JavaScript but I think I need to get into it to be able to use snippets etc. The w3schools was on my list for tutorials :slight_smile:


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