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I’m trying to add a character to an invoice number in a list. If the invoice number starts with a 9 the letters “IT” should be added, in other cases the letter “P” should be added. I’m trying to get it to work in columns expressions, but I can’t find a solution to check with what character a string starts.


Hi @robvp , you can use the left(str, n) function to find the leftmost n characters in a string:

something like this:

if (left(column("InvoiceNumber"),1 )=="9")
    column("InvoiceNumber") +"IT"
    column("InvoiceNumber") +"P"

There is also the substr(string,start,length) to find a substring beginning at start position, consisting of length characters, where the first character is at start-position 0


Great, that worked!! Thanks! :slight_smile:

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Glad that you already found a solution.
Alternatively you could use string manipulation with the “questionmark syntax” as far as i can remember.

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