Column Expressions Node


I’m trying to familiarize myself with column expressions node but having difficulties, can someone help me write out an “if contains” statement?

I’d like to say:

if column(A) contains “category” or “value” or “data
then column (B)
else “”

I know that I can do the same thing in rule engine and I was able to accomplish this statement in that node but I really want to understand column expressions node and how to write statements in it.

Thank you for your time!

if (indexOf(Column(A), “category” > -1 | indexOf(Column(A), “value” > -1 | indexOf(Column(A), “data” > -1 |) {Column(B)}
else {""}
Did not check but should be like this one.

Does not seem to work


This one is more accurate. Anyway, you will need to replace " they not copies correctly.

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This should work:

(indexOf(column(“Column A”), “Category”) >= 0
|| indexOf(column(“Column A”), “Value”) >= 0
|| indexOf(column(“Column A”), “Data”) >= 0)
(column(“Column B”);
else “”;


Hi Tardis Pilot,

This works, thank you! :slight_smile:


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