Column Expressions rowIndex function Evaluated and executed values differ


When the Column Expressions node is used to add a column of row indexes using the rowIndex function, the “Evaluate on first row” button in the dialog returns zero.

However when executed, the value in the first row of the output table is 1, so the two values disagree.

(By the way I would have expected the row index in the output table to be zero-based).


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Hi @dnaki -

I want to say there is a ticket for this already, but I haven’t found it in a quick search. Let me do a little digging, and if there’s not one, I can check in with the

Thanks very much for the feedback!

EDIT: Yep, this is ticket AP-11609 in our system. I’ll add your post as a +1 for the fix.


hello danki,
try in column Expression, this formula: Rowidex () - 1.

I think it will pass, and tjr does not forget to pass the type in number.
Thank you

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