Column Filter: Feature Request

Please can we have extra functionality in KNIME regarding Column Filtering.

When you have hundreds of columns, the existing Column Filter is not an effective node to do the desired filtering.

Please can we have facilities to undertake:

-Include/Exclude Columns by Column Type, i.e. specify to only include Columns which are String, Double, Integer, Smiles, RDKit, SDF, etc.

-Include/Exclude Columns by Pattern Name Matching, i.e. specify to exclude columns which have the pattern "Col?", so in this example it would exclude all columns with the Column Names "Col0" to "Col9".

These features would be a really handy addition when you have so many columns to deal with. The Pattern Name Matching kind be sort of achieved by Transposing, then converting RowID to a column, then Row Filtering, and Transposing back. However, this is rather cumbersome and it also ends up resulting in the column types being messed up.


Marking this one as solved. All of this is available in our current column filter node.


Cheers, Iris

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