Column Filter Node (Exclude columns by default)

I have a number of tables that contain a core set of columns (same name), but each table has additional columns unique to each table.  When I use the Column Filter node and set it to filter the core columns in the 1st table this OK.  When I then run the same workflow with a second table the the unique columns are also chosen!  Is there anyway to exclude "New additional columns"  by default at the moment "New additional columns" are included as default?




Maybe you should check/uncheck "enforce exclusion"/"enforce inclusion" respectivelly under the Excluded and Included columns.

If you only want to exclude those columns all your input tables have in common, make sure to list these (and only these!) columns in the Exclude list of the node and select Enforce exclusion at the bottom of this list. When the input table changes, the columns unique to each table are automatically listed in the Include list of the node.

Feature Request: I like that the Column Filter has the ability to use Wild Cards and RegEx but these can only be used for Include… many time you get a data source and you know there will be a set of columns you want to exclude that follow a certain format. Would like to see the same for Type selection.

This also applies to Column Splitter…

Hello @DemandEngineer,

noted your request. (Internal Reference: AP-5681)


in this case i use the combination of Transpose - Row Filter(exclude rows by row ID) - Transpose