Column filtering request


the current options for filtering of columns is very limited when compared to filtering options of rows. In knime 2.8, are there plans to introduce a node which allows:

- filtering of columns by string search on the column names, it would be very useful. I.e. like the string search in the row filter node.

- filtering of columns by column index range, I.e. only keep columns 2 to 4.

- Filtering of columns by column type, I.e. so you can only filter in or filter out integer columns, etc.


The limited nature at the moment makes these processes very cumbersome. 



Hi Richard, 

This won't make it into 2.8 as we are testing release candidates already, but we will have at least one R template that shows how to do this with the grep function. We do plan on having this for 2.9 if that is any consolation.