Column Header Filter

Hi Team, I hope you are doing well,

I have an input data with some columns, but this data month by month change and sometimes add in the data new column with specific headers, for example:

My current data has: Country, Company, Text and Operation Balance. The columns that are including month by month has the specific criteria in the name “SAP Balance” and I need to create a rule something like that, if the header of the column contains “SAP Balance” are news in my data I need to remove it automatic. I know that the node for filter column is “filter column” but I need to create a rule because in the future I don’t know if I will have new columns.

Can you help me?

Hi @SergioSB , will your allowed list of column names change over time, because from your description, any column containing “SAP Balance” in its name will be new in your data.

e.g. this column filter config would satisfy that:

But maybe I am misunderstanding.

Will you ever have a situation where:

  • a particular “SAP Balance” column shouldn’t be filtered out
  • a column that doesn’t contain “SAP Balance” should be filtered out?