Column Header <-> First Row Community Component

@bruno29a I’ve just released my own component that does exactly the opposite of your node.
It copies/moves the first line to the column header.
Can you tell me where you got your image from?

Copy or Move column headers to first row – KNIME Hub

Replace column header with first row – KNIME Hub

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Never mind. I was so free to copy and edit your picture.
Here’s the result:
Copy or Move first row to column header – KNIME Hub

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Hi @uie63112 , to answer your question, I created that image.

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It looks like not only did you copy my picture, but also my notes/description in the component.

For example, this is word for word from my component:
Note: Move headers will be faster than Copy headers, but the Column headers are renamed after the operation.
My component:

Your component:

In your case, this does not make sense, as it’s the opposite that’s true. In your case, moving actually requires an additional step, which is deleting the row. In my case, the operation already removes the header, that is why the Copy operation takes longer because I have to re-create the header.

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Hi Bruno,
thanks for the reponse. I edited the image slightly, I hope it’s fine like that.
Also, the text is already fixed :wink:

Hi @uie63112 , these (image and notes) were personal touch. If they help you, then you can use them.

But in the future, it would be proper to ask/bring up these before proceeding :slight_smile:

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